Rose Community Foundation


Mission Statement

Stories Worth Saving is a youth lead non-profit organization that works to preserve the valuable stories of the older generation and pass on the history through teens conducting interviews and publishing the interviews for public access. The project will bridge the generation gap through connecting teens with seniors, in addition on empowering teens and giving seniors the comfort in knowing that their stories will not be forgotten.


Since age seven, I have been volunteering at nursing and assisted living homes with my grandmother leading jewish holiday services. After services I have the opportunity to speak with the residents and each time, they wish to tell me about their life. Every resident’s story is different but each is just as interesting and as valuable as the next, and I wanted to give other people the opportunity to hear these stories.

A huge thanks to the Rose Community Foundation who made Stories Worth Saving possible through a grant from their Innovate for Good program, and to the Youth Leadership Institute who has provided guidance and support for the establishment of this project.

Board of Directors

Rebecca Chapman

My name is Rebecca Chapman and I am the founder of Stories Worth Saving. I have always loved hearing about my family’s history and I take every opportunity to help the community in any way I can, so Stories Worth Saving combines two things I love! I am also on the Denver East Debate team, and I love to play soccer, ski, and travel. I hope you enjoy these amazing stories as much as I do!